A fruity future and time to prick out


The garden really is coming along, although being still in lockdown, means that I’m only witnessing it in tiny increments, as I do a bit of gardening every day, so I guess I can’t quite observe it as easily. Still, it’s greening up and things are beginning to hint of what’s to come…

The fruit is growing

Firstly, my Redcurrant ‘Rovada’ is looking very healthy. Only a few weeks ago it was just sticks, but now it is covered in leaves and flowers. If it’s a hint towards the future, then it seems that I am in for a bumper harvest of redcurrants. Last year was my first harvest of them, and there were plenty.. now there are far more. I’m glad that I have a freezer!

The Redcurrant ‘Rovada’ bush covered in flowers that will become fruit.

Next to the redcurrant is my bed of Raspberry Glen Ample that I purchased bare root. Last year was their first year, and they didn’t do very well, but they are now established and are really looking happy and healthy. They’re underplanted with a mixture of Strawberries. It looks like I’m set for a lot of fruit in this corner of the garden.

In this COVID-19 garden centre lockdown, I have managed to source some compost to fill my raised bed and to use to pot on, but in order to make the minimum delivery cost, I also picked a fruit plant. I could have chosen yet another raspberry, but instead I picked a Gooseberry ‘Captivator’ which has a reddish fruit. Whilst it is still in a pot, and much larger than I was expecting, it is now beginning to fruit up too.

My new Gooseberry ‘Captivator’ looks like it will give me some fruit this summer.

Already being harvested are the leaves from the pots of flat leaf Parsley ‘Laura’ that I sowed months ago. I learned that these can also be frozen, so this will be helpful as I’m probably heading towards a glut. They are nice as a garnish, but also among salad leaves.

Pricking out

I’ve been busy in the shed pricking out seedlings now that they’re all a couple of inches tall and most have their first true leaves (the ones grown after the set with which they appear out of the compost). Delicately, I’ve squeezed the pots to break up the compost, and then carefully delved in to tease out the seedlings by the leaves.

Pricked out this week, and over the last couple of weeks now include:

  • Rudbeckia ‘Marmalade’
  • Chrysanthemum ‘Polar Star’*
  • Echinacea ‘Purpurea Magnus’*
  • Antirrhinum ‘Purple Twist F1 Hybrid’*
  • Salvia ‘Farinacea – Victoria’
  • Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’

*new to me this year.

The Kale and the Coriander will probably be next.

I’ve now set up my little cold frame to keep my plants in during the daytime, and some of the hardier (namely the Sweet Peas) can stay in there overnight. Last night the temperature fell to 3C, so I brought all but those into my kitchen, where it seemed like a forest had reclaimed it.

How is your garden growing?

Thanks for reading, and happy digging!


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    Hi Andrew, only just found your blog….. wow, so helpful as I’m just starting out with my first allotment! I will be watching & reading from now on 😁. Best Regards & good luck with the garden 👍.


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