2020 starts with purples and blues

It’s been a pretty warm start to 2020, and therefore I’ve been able to go out in the garden and do some digging and tidying up.

My parents gave me some nice deep blue ceramic pots for Christmas, so what better to plant into them, but my Blueberries! These Blueberry plants have been in their pots for years, and whilst they’ve been maturing a small but regular harvest of berries, they could very much do with being repotted into something larger, and with fresh compost.

Blueberries are acid-loving plants, and therefore I picked up a bag of ericaceous compost from my local garden store, and set to work. They very happily left their little plastic pots, in which I estimate they’d been living for about 8 years.

I placed some broken terracotta pot into the bottom of these new pots to help with drainage, and then filled the pots with the compost. Then, gently, I placed two of the plants into the pots and firmed them in.

A Blueberry plant in a blue ceramic pot.
My Blueberry plants should enjoy this new sized pot, and new compost.

As I write this, it’s been a few days, and the bushes are full of buds, which I can only assume is a sign of gratitude of their new and nutritious home. Fingers crossed that they continue to thrive, and that I can out-pace the blackbirds with my harvesting.

I even managed to pick up a fresh Blueberry ‘Vaccinium Corymbosum Patriot’ plant too, so i’ve added that to a smaller plastic pot and hope to pot that on soon, rather than years later.

Whilst out there I noticed a dash of colour amongst the browns – it’s a Crocus ‘Giant Ruby’ flower – the beautifully rich purple blazing like a beacon.

Crocus 'Giant Ruby' purple flower.
Crocus ‘Giant Ruby’ – the first flower in the garden, with many Crocuses to follow.

It feels too early for these to be on flower (there’s a few more preparing to bloom), but then it’s been so mild that they’re taking the opportunity. If there’s any very early bees emerging, then this is the garden to visit.

I also took the opportunity to prune back a bramble from behind my shed that’s seemingly been growing for years. The lethal stalks were thick and brown, and even my most careful tactical secateur snipping couldn’t save me from a few scratches.

Nearby, I also decided to weed and mulch around my Redcurrant ‘Rovada’ bush that I planted in 2018 after dismantling my old shed. Again, a bramble had found it’s way through from nextdoor, but with some digging and root pulling, I feel that it’ll be stunted for a while. I laid down some cardboard around the plant, and then spread a generous layer of bark chips around it… much to nextdoor’s cat’s delight.

This bush gave me a great big tasty harvest last summer.

My first Redcurrant 'Rovada' harvest, 2019.
My first Redcurrant ‘Rovada’ harvest, 2019.

Fingers crossed that it will be full of berries this year too, along with the Blueberries.

As ever, thank you for reading, and Happy Gardening.


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