New bulbs planted for 2020

With 2019 closing, I managed to get a fresh set of bulbs planted out a few weeks ago.

I picked all of these up at my local Cooperative supermarket, so fingers crossed these bulbs were picked for quality.

First up was the Snowdrops – these are single flowers – nice and ‘simple’ flowers that will hopefully be there for when early insects emerge looking for rare food sources. I have a few Snowdrops already in the garden, but they’ve yet to really do anything much.

Snowdrop bulbs with green shoots
The Snowdrops were more than ready to go out!

Next, Tulip ‘Parrot Blue Parrot’ – a deep dark blue, almost black coloured tulip really caught my eye, and so I thought that I would give them a try. I love my Tulip ‘Negrita’ flowers, which are dark crimson coloured, so maybe these darker still will be just as elegant.

Next up are some Alliums – I’ve been eyeing up Alliums for a few years now. Their big bold round flowers are so beautiful gently bobbing around in the breeze. I’ve planted these in a newly cleared part of the garden – an area that had a fence in it for a couple of years, but wasn’t really working out. Fingers crossed they like this spot and emerge next year.

Lastly, I picked up a pack of Tulip ‘Triumph Mixed’ – a nice mixture of colours. I planted these in my front garden – a few right near my front door, but most right in the front of my garden up against the public path. I already have a load of Daffodil bulbs in there, so hopefully these tulips will put on a nice colourful show alongside them. I even got a couple of compliments last year from passers-by when out weeding the border.

Tulip 'Negrita' in bloom.
Hopefully the new Tulip ‘Parrot Blue Parrot’ will be as lush as the Negrita ones.

Ideally you should have your bulbs planted out now, so you’ll likely find some really great discounts on big bags of bulbs (particularly Daffodils). Given that these are bulbs, I *would* suggest buying these late ones and sticking them in. They might not do much this year, but with some sunshine on those leaves, they’ll super-charge that bulb into flowering well next year.

As always, thank you for reading, enjoy the final few days of 2019, and I look forward to growing with you in 2020.


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