Packed with Choi

This year I decided to grow a few new things. One of these was Pak Choi.

Pak Choi is a native of China, and I’ve often eaten it steamed or as part of a Chinese meal. Knowing that they can grow here in the UK, and being a big Chinese food fan, I thought i’d give it a go.

I started them off by sowing them directly in my raised bed in April, and within a few days they were poking through with a real lush-green set of leaves.

Pak Choi seedlings
Pak Choi seedlings

I probably could/should have thinned them out at this stage, but i’m not the kind of gardener who likes killing off what could be the most amazing produce, so I let them take their chances.

By early June, the plants had grown under the safety of my netting (to stop the cats), and were enjoying the warm sunny days with those lush green leaves.

Pak Choi after about 8 weeks

I’ve managed to harvest some of them for my stir-fry meals before the pests (butterflies and slugs) got to them, but with some greater attention to them, I could have been harvesting them for much longer.

I’ll definitely be growing these again in 2020 as they’re delicious steamed or in a stir-fry. I’d recommend you give them a try as they’re so easy to grow, and pretty fast.

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