Harvesting the Carrots

Despite the furnace that was 2018, I did manage to successfully sow and harvest carrots. This involved a fair number of trips with the watering can to make sure that they were getting something, but they managed to survive the heat and give me some tasty multicoloured produce.

I’ve not grown carrots before, as I’d never really enjoyed eating them. As i’ve grown older my tastebuds have changed and I found myself buying more carrots – so I decided to grow some for myself.

Carrot ‘Sweet Imperator Mix F1’

These carrots are those multicoloured ‘vintage’ varieties, and so I was curious of how well they would do in my raised bed.

They didn’t take long to germinate and the feint line of green soon emerged above the compost. However, an attack by my neighbour’s constantly pooping digging for China cat almost destroyed them until i built wire frames. With those in place, they were safe to send their green leaves skywards.

This variety were not carrot fly resistant, so I made sure that they were next to a variety that were in a hope that they’d offer some kind of companion protection.

Handful of multicoloured Carrot 'Sweet Imperator Mix F1' carrots.
Carrot ‘Sweet Imperator Mix F1’ made for a brightly coloured harvest.

Some of them did come out in weird shapes – whether this is a result of stones or just desperation of looking for moisture, I don’t know. They tasted great either way – I’m proud of my wonky vegetables (and I bet Esther Rantzen would be too).

Wonky carrots are the same as carrots. They taste the same.

Whilst these carrots look different, it was only really the purple one that tasted any different from the usual orange ones that we’re used to. The purple ones seemed to have a stronger flavour. I’ll definitely be growing these again in 2019.

Carrot ‘Flyaway F1 Hybrid’

Alongside the Sweet Imperator, I grew the Carrot ‘Flyaway F1 Hybrid’. Their fly-away element I thought might provide some protection for the others (i didn’t notice any damage to either). These ones were beautiful little orange carrots, and whilst there were some larger ones, they tended to be nice sized tender carrots throughout the season.

Handful of orange baby Carrot 'Flyaway F1 Hybrid'.
Handful of orange baby Carrot ‘Flyaway F1 Hybrid’ (and one purple imposter)

Carrot ‘Rondo’ (‘bowling carrots’)

For my birthday in 2018, my sister gave me a couple of fun packets of seed as part of my present, and this included some Carrot ‘Rondo’ ‘bowling ball’ carrots from the kids range by Suttons Seeds.

Sadly, these copped the main impact from the pooping cat, and most of the row was buried, but a few did make it up and out and they were tiny little things – no more than 1.5cm in diameter. The packet shows them to be much bigger (unless that child’s head is super-small?).

Suttons 'Bowling ball' Rondo carrots
Carrot ‘Rondo’: “Use us like marbles!” – except don’t eat marbles :S

So, as the season is shifting into the coldest most frozen time of the growing calendar, it is time to lift most of the remaining Carrots up and get them ready for storing.

I’ll definitely be growing them next year, and I look forward to scaring that cat away sooner.

Did your carrots survive the furnace summer of 2018? Were they wonky shapes?

Thanks for reading, and happy growing!


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