Tiptoe through the Tulips

The mixed Tulip bulbs that I bought from my local Wyevale back in October, and planted in November, have really turned out nice.

Red and lilac tulips on flower.
The mixed Tulips give a nice bright dash of red, white and lilac in an otherwise part-shaded concrete side of my house.

They’re all in the pots that I rescued from my uncle’s house, and despite their relatively recent planting, they’ve beaten the Tulip ‘Negrita’ bulbs that have successfully grown and bloomed in my garden since I planted them back in 2012.

I’ll be excavating the Negrita bulbs from my garden when I move in a few weeks, along with a couple of other plants, but all will find themselves in a new garden soon. They’re so richly, deep and luxurious looking, that I really want to take them with me. Maybe the move will do them good – perhaps Tulips appreciate a bit of fresh soil?

Tulip 'Negrita' in bloom.
A previous bloom from Tulip ‘Negrita’.

For now though, this mixed display of tulips brings a dash of bright colour in a semi-shady concreted area near my side door – I see them as I leave and return to my house, and they remind me that Spring is well in business, and Summer is heading straight for us.

Happy gardening,


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