A new Courgette Crisis begins

Just 12 days ago I planted 6 old Courgette ‘Black Beauty’ seeds into two small pots.

Today, as I checked on them, I find that at least 3 have germinated, although one has bolted and is already a few inches tall.

The crisis i’m talking about here is what to do with these lively seedlings in the next few weeks. In 5 weeks time I’m due to get the keys to my new home, where there will be plenty of space for them to grow, but for now, all I can do is try to find a succession of pots and warm spots to put these plants in a bid to carefully nurture them along. Typically, my current small garden will be struck by some heavy winds. It does every year when the new green shoots are tender, and most perennial plants in my garden have a wind-shaped lean to them. The courgette plants with their big leaves and soft stems, don’t survive this very well.

When the summer comes, I hope to be swarming in Courgettes, as I love using them in the kitchen, and I want to avoid being victim of the media-propelled hostage situation in the vegetable aisles of the UK’s supermarkets.

For now though, I hope that the other seeds are on their way. The sunshine and warmer weather will hopefully coax them up out of the compost, and then i can pot them on. The summer and my new garden can’t come quick enough.

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