The Minibels ring in their first crop of Tomatoes

I’ve just picked the first three tomatoes from the Tomato ‘Minibel’ plants that i sowed back in April.

Three Tomato Minibel fruits.
The first three Tomato ‘Minibel’ fruits.

These six plants have essentially been roasted and flattened repeatedly by both sunshine and wind over the last 4+ months, and are now pretty much horizontal, but despite this there are many green tomatoes awaiting the remnants of sunshine.

The Tomatoes were potted on in May, and again in June into their final pots.

Two Tomato 'Minibel' seedlings
Two of the Tomato ‘Minibel’ seedlings

I just managed to pick three (there’s a fourth almost ready) specimens off of one of the plants, whilst moving them into a sunnier part of the garden. Hopefully the wind will stay away for a few more weeks.

Tomato 'Minibel' and Courgette 'Black Beauty'
The Tomato ‘Minibel’ and Courgette ‘Black Beauty’ seeds were sown back in April.

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