The Gladiolus blooms

Standing in the middle of a border, which is lacking colour, as a year of heavy rain, wind, and roasting temperatures, has put paid to most plants aside – including the Sweet Peas, a lone Gladiolus (apparently Gladioli is plural) stands tall – a bright beacon of colour.

I’ve had to stake it up, as no sooner had it reached up and bloomed, then the winds returned and flattened it.

Gladioli flower
The sole Gladioli flower

I planted about six Gladioli bulbs in 2011, and this is the first time a flower has risen. The rest have previously produced leaves, but not even a sign of anything more.

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  1. Marty says:

    Wish I knew the name of this variety. Love it. I’ve googled images, and can’t find it out.


    1. Sadly, the simpleton packaging just said ‘Gladioli’, so it remains a mystery. They’re up and ready to bloom again this year though, so hopefully they put on an equally as pretty show.


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