The uncurling Fern and the countdown starts

So, the countdown begins to a great occasion – a visual feast. No, I’m not talking about the olympics – it’s a great big display from the daylilies.

This year the Daylily ‘Hemerocallis Bonanza’ plants have thrived – well watered and with warm weather earlier on in the year, their lush leaves have reached high – feeding their roots. This is now set to pay off with many stems reaching above the leaves, each carrying multiple flower heads that will burst with orange.

Daylily 'Hemerocallis Bonanza' and Hydrangea
The Daylily ‘hedge’ (centre) is preparing for a fanfare of orange flowers.

As their name suggests, Daylilies open in the early morning, and close in the afternoon – but their fanfare is short lived with most varieties seeing their flowers withering by the second evening. These really are short-lived, and that’s why catching them on bloom together is going to be a delight.

The Daylily was much smaller and with fewer flowers in 2011.

In early spring I dug around the Daylilies, loosening what had been quite compact  poor soil and emptying out some of last year’s left over compost and old compost from pots. It must have been this and the following weather that has brought them on.

The uncurling fronds of a lush green fern.
The Fern’s lush-green fronds uncurl in the shadier part of the garden.

Up towards the back of the garden, there’s another plant that’s reaching upwards with a lush green stem – the Fern, which I’ve had in the same pot for about 12 years, is busy uncurling some new fonds. It’s gentle green foliage thriving in the warmth but shaded corner. Sadly this lost it’s label many years ago (if you’ve any ideas – leave a message below!) having followed me through several house moves, but it’s never looked better.

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