Daylily Dose

When I moved into my house in October 2009, I inherited some clumps of bulb/grass like plants. There’s about three clumps in the garden. Last year they didn’t really do anything and I continued to wonder what they were.

For the last couple of years they have always grown with a big green lush surge of foliage in about March and April, but this year is the first year where they’ve actually bothered to flower for me. Perhaps it was because i dug around the green clumps in March and dug in a little compost?

A yellow daylily on flower.
The Daylily dose of flower greets me when I step out of my house.

I don’t know what variety of Daylily they* are but their blast of golden yellow and tinge of fox red really adds to the garden. It sits in contrast to the black brickwork of my neighbour’s wall and the blue of the Lavender nearby. It works well with the Courgette ‘Black Beauty’ plant that is thriving beside it (this courgette plant, like the other one, is now flowering.. but this one is starting to form tiny courgettes). The other courgette plant had a habit of dropping flowers – but it turns out that this isn’t anything to worry about at all.

Nearby the Hydrangea (again inherited when i moved in) is now starting to open – tiny salmon pink flowers – although it looks like it needs some feed. According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) they prefer moist, well drained, and slightly shady areas. The part of the garden it sits in has a lot of drainage but gets roasted by the sun.

Further up the garden, the first Sweet Pea ‘Cupani’ are flowering. They are an old and fragrant variety but I am yet to notice their reputed aroma – perhaps once they manage to fully scale the canes and bloom en masse, then i’ll be hit properly with the smell.

*UPDATE: Fellow blogger and budding horticulturalist Alex Jobber, reckons they might be Daylily ‘Hemerocallis Bonanza’. Certainly looks very much like them. 

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  1. Helmut says:

    they look fantastic, one of my lilies was killed by the boys, the other 2 by the frost 😦


    1. Andrew says:

      Hello Helmut,

      I’ve never protected these Daylillies from the frost but then the garden is quite enclosed so perhaps i’ve been lucky so far.



  2. Katherine Steele says:

    Hello Andrew! It was fun to get this. We have beautiful (inherited)hydrangeas too, dark pink and usually only flowering very late summer, but this year when everything is so early, they’re in flower already.



    1. Andrew says:

      Hello Katherine – great to hear from you!

      Yes, my Hydrangea seems a bit stunted really, I’m not sure that it’s very happy at the moment – and this heat hasn’t helped it today as I’ve just come home to find it and the rest of the garden very wilted. Lots of watering cans of water will need to soak that now (or better still, some heavy rain).



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